Playing in Major Online Poker Events


Poker strategy for major online poker is a question that I often get asked about. People who have qualified by satellites do not have a lot of experience in poker. “How should I play”? Before going over some critical points, it is important to understand each player bringing their own personality and playing style to the table. So you should take this information and apply it to your own game.


I would like to stress the point about playing your natural game. Too many players tense up and wait for a very good hand instead of playing the situation. This is a very important tip. If you think you have the strongest hand, bet accordingly and take the pot down. Don’t allow yourself to be bullied because there is a lot of money at stake. I recently watched a friend of mine who is relatively new to poker. He was playing a major tournament and was in 2nd place and the money was approaching. He then proceeded to fold anything worse than AA KK or QQ. He then snuck into the money and was effectively blinded out. This is not the approach you want to take in major tournaments M카지노.


Like I just mentioned, you should play your chip stack without worrying about the money. If you have a big stack, use it to your full advantage. If you are short in chips, don’t be afraid to get them in and try and double up. The sensible poker play and don’t try and hope everything falls into lace for you. You still have to play quality poker.


If you reach the tournament, you will normally be late in a tournament. Remember, that if this is a major tournament you will be up against some quality opposition. It is up to you to win the tournament, not for them to lose it. Poker is about winning, so you play style to the poker game and play to win.

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